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We welcome you to DKV Stenzig Group, where you will find the best range of DKV insurance in Spain. Of course, with the best service, with personal attention and with the most competitive prices (we are exclusive agents, which gives us access to the best promotions). In the health sector, of course, the best for your well-being and specially designed for foreign residents. To this end, we offer, among other things, two types of insurance that can be fully adapted to your needs:

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Our insurances

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DKV Integral Elite (no co-payment)

The health insurance with the best medical care. Access to the best orthopaedic surgeons,  dermatologists and thousands of specialists from the different health sectors selected by DKV (40.000 doctors and 1.000 health centres). Of course, this also includes primary care and hospitalisation in private hospitals and prestigious centres in Spain. Also worldwide coverage in case of need.

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DKV Mundisalud (health insurance reimbursement)

Health insurance that allows you to choose doctors and hospitals in Spain or abroad. A health insurance that gives you free choice, meaning you can go to any centre that is not contracted and get reimbursed between 80% and 90% of the total cost. With all medical specialties and diagnoses. With a commitment to reimbursement in less than 7 days. Especially suitable for those residents who are not fully fluent in Spanish.

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