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We offer critical illness insurance that guarantees you the financial protection, support and advice you need to get the best treatment available worldwide when you are diagnosed with a serious illness. From 4.98 EUR/month.

DKV The most comprehensive insurance

for serious illnesses abroad

DKV MundiCare®

For certain serious illnesses, you have the option of being treated in one of the best specialised centres in the world for the treatment of that illness. DKV will help you decide which international centre is best suited to your pathology, among the best specialists and clinics worldwide. The diagnosis will be confirmed in international reference centres, in case of clinical diagnosis in Spain of ELA; Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Of course, you will be offered a second medical opinion. Each disease is evaluated by the best specialists in the field, who recommend the most appropriate treatment for each case.

DKV will manage your trip and that of your companion, your hospitalisation and will take you and your companion home for up to €25.000. Once in Spain, you will be reimbursed for the cost of medication as a continuation of the treatment started abroad or in the country where the treatment was given, for the first 30 days after your discharge from the medical centre. Compensation for each day of hospitalisation. Cover for neurodegenerative diseases, 30.000 euros per insured person per year. You do not have to pay in advance for treatment, because DKV takes care of everything and accompanies you at all times.

Serious illnesses covered:

  • Oncological treatments.

  • Coronary artery bypass.

  • Heart valve replacement.

  • Transplants: vital organs (living donors).

  • Neurosurgery.

  • Neurodegenerative diseases: ELA, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


Digital health

The "Quiero cuidarme más" app saves you time by allowing you to check your health records from one place, view your doctor's appointments and receive your medical test results on your mobile phone.

Video consultation with a doctor: check your symptoms, arrange a video call or chat with a doctor. Share your medical reports and pictures to answer your questions without leaving home.

Consultations with specialists via video call: paediatrics, dermatology, gynaecology, psychology, endocrinology and traumatology.

Health coach: Chat with a professional who will help you follow healthy habits: eat better, exercise, stop smoking, lose weight, etc.

Digital midwife: Chat advice during pregnancy and postpartum.

Health folder: store medical reports and health documents.

My diary: record and review all your past and future medical appointments.

Terms of use

  • The age limit for taking out the contract is 67 years.

  • The insurance expires when you reach the age of 75 or when the total limit of EUR 2,000,000 is reached.

  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

  • The insurance has a period of exclusion of 6 months.

Prices 2020


Commercial leaflet

Find out everything your health insurance has to offer: coverage, additional services, digital health and prevention programmes.

General terms and conditions

Any contract begins with a commitment. Ours is to offer you insurance for life, as we do not cancel the insurance after the third year, we do not raise the price for the use you make of it and you will also have a saving for an annual payment or for including your family.

Download the documentation

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