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DKV Health

DKV Health. Choose your health insurance with DKV and start taking care of your health. Enjoy high-quality medical care with or without a co-payment through the comprehensive health insurance DKV offers you, or extend this with the option of free choice of doctor, hospital and health centre through reimbursement insurance.


Insurance with list of doctors

  • Integral

97943928_s  Integral Elite.jpg

Insurance with free choice of doctor

  • Mundisalud

12669086_s Pareja tumbona.jpg

Insurance TOP HEALTH

  • Top Health®

41927811_s Pareja mayor.jpg

Insurance without age limit

  • Health insurance Selección

112948951_s Embarazada.jpg

Pregnancy insurance

  • Integral Complet

  • Integral Classic

  • Integral Elite

35007104_s Deportista.jpg

Insurance for athletes

  • Sport Runners

talla S - 51435695_s.jpg

Insurance for specialists

  • Famedic

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