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DKV Famedic Plus is a family medical insurance for outpatient medical care that provides access to consultations in seven specialties as well as certain dental services and free dentures. This family insurance is tailored to your needs.

DKV Family Insurance

for medical specialities

DKV Famedic Plus

An insurance that provides basic medical care and well-being for your family (up to 8 members). Unlimited and free consultations in the seven most sought-after specialities: General Medicine, Nursing, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Traumatology.

As a DKV Famedic Plus policyholder, once you have identified yourself with your DKV Famedic Plus MEDICARD®, you have direct access to a range of health services that promote your health and well-being at special rates or by purchasing vouchers. DKV Famedic Plus is a family insurance plan for outpatient medical care that provides access to consultations in seven specialties, as well as certain dental benefits and free dental services.


It is the most affordable family health insurance. Free and unlimited medical consultations in the main specialties, including annual gynaecological check-ups (consultation, gynaecological ultrasound and cytology). Access to the Quiero cuidarme más app, which allows you to have a virtual consultation with a doctor 24 hours a day, either by chat, call or video call. In addition, discounts in the other medical specialties and complementary tests. And all this from just 33.50 EUR/month per family, up to 8 members.

  • Unlimited medical consultations in Medical Centres Plus: General Medicine, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Nursing, Ophthalmology, Traumatology, Paediatrics. . .

  • Annual gynaecological screening (consultation, gynaecological ultrasound and cytology).

  • Insure your entire family (up to 8 members).

  • Pay for the use of medical services for the whole family.

  • No age limit.

  • Dental insurance included: with free services and others with great discounts.

  • Virtual consultations with a doctor via the Quiero cuidarme más app : chat, call and video call.

  • Medical phone lines: Sports, psychology, nutrition, women, pregnancy . . .

  • Legal telephone consultation.


Services included

What you really need is always insured

With DKV Famedic Plus, you have unlimited access to practices for general medicine, nursing, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dermatology and trauma in Medical Plus Centres.


Regular follow-up with a gynaecologist

Gynaecological check-up with annual cytology is included to ensure preventive monitoring of your female health.


Always thinking of your comfort. You pay for use in complementary health services

Deductions in medical specialities and complementary samples in DKV Famedic and without payment until the use of the service.


We take care of his smile

47 Tooth-included services and others with large deductions: Consultations, revisions, intraoral radiographs, fluorinations , cures, studies. . .


Payment back in case of dental accident

Repayment of medical expenses in case of dental accident up to 6.000 EUR.


Access to the Quiero cuidarme más app.

Telemedicine service to have a doctor at your fingertips wherever you are, at any time and without leaving home. You will be able to have a medical consultation via a phone call or video call, as well as resolve doubts via chat and share images or reports with the doctor immediately.


Telephone medical consultation

Telephone medical consultation at any time and from any place. If you are worried about a symptom, we offer 9 telephone lines to answer your questions: general medicine, psychology, nutrition, women's medicine, sports, pregnancy, paediatrics, childhood obesity and tropical medicine.


Legal advice by phone

Specialised lawyers to help you resolve your doubts or legal issues of a family or special nature.


Your whole family for the same price

Access to the best specialists and medical centres, diagnostic tests or treatments in consultation, regardless of your health condition or age and with a single family price for up to 8 members.


Easy access to DKV Famedic private medicine

With no waiting periods or health declarations, you have access to the most sought-after specialists.


No age limit

A policy designed for all ages with no restrictions or age limits.


Famedic Plus insurance information

Standard document with summarised information to help you compare with insurance from other companies.

Download the documents

"I'm looking for an accessible, flexible insurance that pays for the benefits I really need, covers me and my whole family at the same price and, of course, doesn't discriminate on the basis of age."

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