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Protect your mouth with the prestige and quality of the European leader in health insurance! Sign up for only 9.90 EUR/month! Once you have taken out the insurance, you can take advantage of many treatments free of charge and others with significant discounts.

DKV The most comprehensive

dental insurance

DKV Dentisalud Elite

Why DKV Dentisalud Elite?


  • Most dental expenses are not covered by social security in Spain and the cost of these treatments is often high.

  • Annual preventive dental visits are essential. If you don't, problems with your oral health can get worse.

  • Aesthetic dental treatments (at a high cost to the consumer) are increasingly in demand.

  • You have access to our DKV dental rooms, our own dental centres with the latest technology, with the maximum guarantee of treatment, quality and ability to pay.

You will have many more reasons to smile than just a beautiful smile. With more than 2,000 dentists, 59 treatments are available to you inclusive at no extra cost. Others with discounts of up to 40%. And for families who have children under 14, the premium is completely free if they are covered with you! No other insurance company offers free insurance up to this age! DKV offers you more than 2.550 dentists from 970 selected centres in Spain. All specialities are covered: general dentistry, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, surgical dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants, radiology, dental diagnosis and dental emergencies. Cover for serious dental accidents: If more than three parts are affected, we will reimburse the treatment costs (maximum EUR 6.000).

There are no age limits for contract registration and no health declaration is required. No waiting periods, no pre-existing conditions. There are also no restrictions on the use of treatments, so you never need to carry any kind of authorisation.

"We want you to enjoy the benefits of DKV Dentisalud Élite insurance in the easiest way possible from day one and enjoy high-quality care."


Still not sure? You'll have many more reasons to smile than just a nice smile.


"We were looking for a complete dental insurance for the whole family and found DKV Dentisalud, which offered us very good coverage and free dental insurance for our children under 14 years. We hired him the same afternoon."

Conditions and prices of services

  • Without permits.

  • No restrictions on the use of the treatments provided.

  • There are no age limits for contract registration.

  • No health declaration.

  • Numerous free dental treatments and prices far below market levels.

See all included treatments and prices for dental services.


DKV Dentisalud Brochure

Find out everything your dental insurance offers you: coverage, additional services, dental treatment prices, additional services and prevention programs.

Dental services prices

In this document you will be able to review the special prices for dental services not included in your policy compared to the average market price.

Download the documents

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