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DKV Sport Runners takes care of the runners' health so that they only think about achieving their goals and accomplishing everything they set out to do.


Sports insurance for runners

DKV Sport Runners

Medical insurance that covers the needs of runners with the most comprehensive sports assistance. You have access to an extensive network of doctors (more than 40.000 professionals) and clinics (more than 1.000 medical centres). It has a sports and nutritional medicine hotline. And possibility of access to services at special prices such as sports medical examination, biomechanical study of the footprint, osteopathy, among others. With Digital Doctor, you can contact a doctor without going to the doctor's office, wherever and whenever you want. This health insurance for runners is now available in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza, San Sebastian and Tarragona.

What does it offer you right from the start?

  • Primary care and emergencies.

  • Specialists and diagnostic tests.

  • Access to the best specialists: traumatologists, cardiologists, podiatrists, etc.

  • Daily hospital allowance: €50 for each day of hospitalisation.

  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation with no limit on the number of sessions.

  • Diagnostic imaging.

  • Sports and nutritional medicine hotline.

  • 24-hour emergency service.

  • Contact a doctor without going to the doctor's office, wherever and whenever you want with the Digital Doctor App.

  • Dental benefit included.

  • Extensive preventive medical programmes: Prevention of work-related stress, colon cancer, cardiovascular risk, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

Services Sport Runner

In addition, the DKV Health and Wellness Club gives you access to special rates for a wide range of services for runners:

  • Biomechanical gait assessment.

  • Initial templates and renewal of templates, including revisions.

  • Sports medicine examination: stress test, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, echocardiogram and spirometry.

  • Osteopathy.

  • Sports nutrition.

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Conditions for conclusion and use

  • It can be taken out up to the age of 75.

  • If you pay annually, you will receive a discount of 7.5%.

  • Discounts for families:

    • 7% for 4 insured persons

    • 12% for 5 or more policyholders

  • Obligation not to cancel the contract after the third year.

Product modalities

Choose the modality that best suits your needs, depending on the deposit:​

  • DKV Sport Runners Classic (low co-payment).

  • DKV Sport Runners Elite (no co-payment)

Waiting periods

In some cases, you may have to wait a certain period of time before you can take advantage of your policy.


With DKV Sport Runners insurance, all benefits can be claimed from day one, only the following benefits have waiting periods:

  • Hospitalisation and surgical intervention (including prostheses): 6 months.                            

  • Births (except premature births): 8 months

  • Transplants: 12 months

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