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DKV Health


Insurance with medical directory

  • DKV Integral Complet

  • DKV Integral Classic

  • DKV Integral Elite


Insurance with free choice of doctor

  • DKV Mundisalud Complet

  • DKV Mundisalud Classic

  • DKV Mundisalud Elite


Insurance Top Health

  • DKV Top Health®

Insurance without age limit


Pregnancy insurance

  • DKV Integral Complet

  • DKVIntegral Classic

  • DKVIntegral Elite


Insurance for athletes

  • DKV Sport Runners

Insurance for specialists

  • DKV Famedic Plus

Other DKV insurances


Dental insurance

  • DKV Dentisalud Elite


House and contents insurance

  • DKV EcoHogar Plus

  • DKV EcoHogar Complet

  • DKV EcoHogar Basic

  • DKV EcoHogar Fire


Serious illnesses

  • DKV MundiCare®


Funeral insurance

  • DKV Family Protection


Eco funeral insurance

  • DKV Ecofuneral

Daily benefits insurance

  • DKV Renta (income)

  • DKV Renta Baremado

  • DKV Renta Familiar (family income)


Accidents insurance

  • DKV Accidents


Life insurance

  • ERGO Vida Previsión

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