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flexible life insurance policy that guarantees protection and economic stability for those you love most, in a personalised and agile way that secures a sufficient amount of money to protect your family if you are not around.


Life Insurance

DKV The life insurance that gives you the peace of mind and financial security you want for your family.

ERGO Vida Previsión

The most comprehensive life insurance that guarantees you compensation. Naturally psychological support in the event of disability or serious illness. 24-hour remote assistance, as well as a telephone service managed by lawyers who will advise you in the event of legal doubts and accompany you in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

What do you offer?

  • Death from any cause:

    • The beneficiary receives the fixed capital.

    • If the insured is terminally ill, he or she can bring forward the withdrawal of 50% of the fixed capital.

  • Bereavement assistance: with specialised psychologists providing professional support to help cope with the loss of a loved one in any of the various grieving processes.

  • Psychological assistance: presence in the event of total disability or serious illness.

  • Family bereavement care: a caretaker who provides personal and immediate support to their family after death.

  • Legal advice: access to a telephone service operated by lawyers who will advise you on legal matters and advise you on unforeseen problems.

  • Free online will: resolve your last will and testament in a few minutes . . . and free of charge.

  • DKV Club for health and well-being: With ERGO Vida, you have access to the DKV Club for Health and Wellbeing, where you can benefit from exclusive advantages and prices for specialities and services.

Complete your insurance

And if you want too:

  • Absolute and permanent disability.

  • Double capital if the death is accidental.

  • Triple capital if death is by road accident.

  • Double capital if death, total and permanent disability is by accident.

  • Triple lump sum if death, total and permanent disability is due to traffic accident.

  • Serious illness (100% or 50% of the capital).

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We adapt to what you really need:

  • Ergo Life Prediction: the most flexible format to adapt your capital needs, optional cover, form of payment or division.

  • Ergo Vida Modular Pension: joint death and disability cover, upgradable and the simplest contract to manage, with a choice of lump sum between 20.000,- and 50.000,- euros.

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