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Death insurance that accompanies your family at all times. The insurance you have when you need it, with the guarantee of the European market leader in health insurance.

From 2.80 EURO/MONTH!


The funeral insurance,

that makes the difference.

DKV Protección Familiar (Family Protection)

Funeral insurance guarantees the provision of funeral services in the event of the death of the insured person, as well as the completion of all necessary formalities in the event of death: administrative and judicial procedures, repatriation to any part of the national territory and international repatriation. DKV Protección Familiar also offers psychological visits and telephone calls to take care of the emotional health of the rest of the family, among other assistance services. With DKV Protección Familiar death cover, your family is well protected during this difficult time. A single administrator personally takes care of the paperwork.


In addition, you can take advantage of important services or coverages that other insurance companies do not offer from day one and which are very helpful. If you are a foreigner living in Spain, DKV family cover includes repatriation service to your country of origin, a return trip for a companion and other important benefits! DKV is the only insurance that includes it in the funeral policy without any surcharge!

DKV has one of the best funeral services in Spain. This is mainly thanks to a wide network of contracted funeral directors who provide the service on behalf. See here.

One of the most appreciated features of this insurance is the psychological support in palliative and bereavement care that it offers. This also includes the first funeral care service, online will and digital deletion.


With DKV, all death insurance policies are concluded for life, i.e. once concluded, they are valid for the entire lifetime of the insured person, unless the policyholder requests cancellation or stops making payments for the insurance. What's more, DKV's death cover also provides up to € 18.000 for medical expenses in an emergency when travelling abroad. And remember that there are additional services that allow you to configure the policy according to your needs.


In many regions of Spain, it is common to take out funeral service insurance at a young age, and to make it easier for any new family, this insurance is of course free with DKV for children under 4 years old.


"Your family's emotional well-being will be our priority".

  • Specialised psychological support in the grieving process.


  • Free 24-hour telephone for psychological support, also for palliative processes.


  • A single administrator personally handles paperwork.


  • Travel with peace of mind with worldwide travel assistance of up to € 18.000.


  • Make your will online with one click and enjoy legal advice.


  • Possibility of obtaining health and welfare discounts.


  • Children under 4 are free.


  • Deletion from digital existence.


  • Repatriation of foreign residents.


  • No waiting periods!


Would you like to know how DKV Protección Familiar (Family Protection) Funeral Insurance works?

Family assistance

It all starts with a simple phone call at any time of day. A professional manager goes to where your family is and accompanies them throughout the process with a very personal service.


Legal assistance

It is very common for unexpected doubts to arise in these situations, some of them legal. Therefore, your family will be advised by telephone to ask any follow-up questions.


Psychological help

After such a moment, you must first try to overcome the loss of your loved one. Therefore, your will have psychological support during and after the process.


An online will prediction is always important.

With the online wills tool, you can write your will at any time and from the comfort of your own home.


Digital history

DKV takes care of the final management of your digital life with the deletion of content on social networks, cloud files, emails.

Children free

Children up to 4 years old are included as long as they are contracted with an adult.


No waiting period

You can take out the insurance from day one.


Provision of the funeral service.

Adapted to local customs so you can choose the service that best suits you.


Transfer to any cemetery in the country.

DKV takes care of the preparation and transfer of the coffin to any place in Spain.


Repatriation abroad

If most of your family is in your home country, DKV will take care of the repatriation of the body and cover the return journey of a companion. DKV is the only company that includes you in the death insurance at no extra cost!


Worldwide assistance

Did you know that with your DKV death insurance you are also covered for up to € 18.000 for medical expenses in an emergency while travelling abroad?


Optional cover

Exceptional funeral expenses, supplementary worldwide assistance, cover for hospitalisation, compensation in the event of death or permanent disability due to an accident, assistance for pets, access to health services at reduced prices and much more. . . In addition, once you have taken out the insurance, you can add the optional cover you need.

Why DKV Protección Familiar (Family Protection)?

  • Global funeral insurance, designed for you and your loved ones.

  • Worldwide support wherever you are.

  • DKV takes care of yours in difficult moments.

  • Psychological and legal support for family members.

  • Repatriation of foreign residents.

Conditions and prices of services

  • Children up to four years free of charge.

  • No age limit.

  • All funeral services included.

  • Coverage of extraordinary costs.

  • Significant discounts on Health and Wellness Club services.

Conditions of contract

In this document we intend to give a clear and simple answer to all the points included in the insurance. Get to know all the details of coverage and conditions before contracting.

Funeral homes funeral insurance DKV Family Protection

Information with the contact details of all the funeral parlours we work with.


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